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Mind, Body, & Soul 

You cannot change your body without changing your mind and thought processes on food and exercise.  It doesn't have to be a complete overhaul and as I teach ....

small changes = big improvements.  
When your mind and body change.....the soul becomes  more peaceful and pleasant also.  

A healthy change effects more than you realize!  

Check out these folks who have been influenced by YourFitness-411!

Team: YourFitness-411 (below)

Some of the Independent Team Beachbody Coaches on  my team!  

There are over 300 so not all are listed!!  

All these amazing folks are taking their health & wellness seriously & have joined my Beachbody Team!  Some use it for the discount only, others enjoy making extra money, and yet others will make it their full time jobs.  The opportunity is there and I will help you succeed!!  IT's a great way to stay accountable to your journey, belong to a network of supportive people all over the country, and pay it forward by helping others!  I take care of my team and if you were to have a customer ask you a question & you don't know the answer.... I will help you!  

Join my team & Enjoy the benefits & support!  

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