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Get to know Lisa!

Education & Experience: My story

My journey started Many years ago as a high school athlete.  Little did i know then that my passion for fitness was going to be my career!  i attended the university of cincinnati and became a licensed physical therapist assistant  in 1997.  i am proud to say that i have worked all aspects of the field: inpatient, outpatient, neuro, orthopedics, long term health care, aquatic therapy, women's health, and with all age groups. ! 

in 2007, i had my second child and wanted to incorporate my education with my love of sports, human anatomy, and passion for helping others.  a friend introduced me to team beachbody and it seemed like a perfect fit!  i could incorporate all of the things i love while making an income, staying home with my babes, and get myself back into pre-pregnancy clothes!  i also began running at this point along with completing the p90x and insanity programs.  i lost weight and found a passion for running!  i have since completed 2 full marathons, 5 half marathons, many 5/10k, and am an 'ULTRA' ragnar Race Runner (6 person team running approximately 200 miles).  to say i'm addicted is an understatement!!!  

to better assist my clients and family, i became a specialist in sports nutrition in 2013.  i am in the process of completing a 'family meal planner' and hope to release it this year.  currently, i create meal plans, grocery lists, and tweak food journals & exercise plans for people who want my assistance.  I teach athletes of all ages and levels the importance of food timing and food choice to enhance their sport performance along with helping their bodies to recovery faster. 
i am  very passionate about what i do and have created a team of beachbody coaches called
'team:YourFitness-411'  whom i mentor.  the team is growing weekly and beating the trend of obesity every day! I am a big advocate in the fight against childhood obesity and I believe we need to teach children about food (versus tell them)  and encourage more activity!


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because i am more than a team beachbody coach, and i believe in educating my clients via my nutrition and exercise education.....i created 'YourFitness-411'.  i believe you should be equipped with knowledge of food / body so your success and maintenance are lifelong lessons.  

i have created myself thru experience and credible education to be one of the best coaches you can work with.  not to mention the fact that i am a busy mom who understands the daily struggles & demands of parenting while allowing myself to be a priority too!  One of my mottos is 'lead by example' - for others and your children.

Don't hesitate to contact me!

 i mentor many facebook groups: fit club, weight loss challenge groups, running group, business building team beachbody group, and more!  my team includes men and women, body builders, parents, people of all ages & sizes, and Barry Kerch (drummer for Shinedown) is even a coach on my team1  I am his team beachbody coach!!!  I hope you'll allow me to assist you too! 

Lisa S. Bashford - PTA, SSN