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Educate. Allow me to educate your athlete WHEN to eat the RIGHT foods that will assist them in their sport performance and recovery.
Athletes of all ages will benefit!
Not an athlete?  No problem!  Allow me to educate and provide you with food tips for weight loss!

Make yourself a priority.
Lose the weight and be confident in your own skin.  We can discuss your Food Addictions, Establish healthy food & exercise habits, break through plateaus and discuss many topics such as the comparisons between popular weight loss programs.  I can help you find one that works for you!  I will be your personal health and fitness consultant!

Set up a Consult.
I'd love the opportunity to meet with you, your team, class, group, or individual athlete to get them excited about making smart food swaps, the timing of the food you eat and choosing less of the processed foods!

Not only do I manage my own business, but I'm also an Independent Team Beachbody Coach!  I use these products to stay healthy & energetic.  Check out these program & others at:

Your Daily Goals!!!! ---->>

Education, Fitness, & Nutrition for an improved body, lifestyle & sports performance!



I mentor  FREE challenge groups via facebook which will motivate, educate, & move you towards those goals!!  

I also offer a 7-10 day 'Fit Text Tip' each month! 
>>> Contact me if you would like to be added!  *FREE*

Interested in a meal replacement/home workout combo with extra perks and freebies? 
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What can we do for you?

- Are you an athlete wanting to take your performance to the next level? 

- Do you have a sensitive stomach and not sure what to eat pre-event? 

- Are you wanting to lose weight and stuck in a plateau?  

- Haven't started your weight loss journey because you fear failing?  

- Not sure where to start? 

- Are you ready to grow muscle but your techniques aren't working?
If you answered 'yes' to any of those questions....we should chat.  I've helped athletes of all ages increase their sport performance simply by teaching them about food and mentoring them through the changes, tweaking it as we go. 

I've also helped many people lose hundreds of pounds and my team can help you too!!  I will  get you started on a realistic and healthy plan of action.  I can provide you with the correct nutrition tools/ed
ucation, support groups, gym education, supplement knowledge, and personalized attention to help you accomplish goals.  

I'm also an independent Team Beachbody coach & can discuss home exercise programs to utilize to not only help you find success, but help athletes in the off season also.   Would you rather utilize the gym or a facility? No problem....I'll help you find one that suites your needs!

Lisa S. Bashford, PTA, SSN